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Eleanor AlonbyAge: 13 years18711884

Eleanor Alonby
Birth about 1871 54 40
Relationship: Daughter
Death December 1884 (Age 13 years)
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Marriage: 1849Kendal, Westmorland, England
16 months
elder brother
John Allonby
Birth: April 27, 1850 33 19Hawkshead, Lancashire, England
Death: July 3, 1924Colton Cottages, Colton, Lancashire, England
3 years
elder brother
Wilson Allonby
Birth: 1852 35 21Hawkshead, Lancashire, England
Death: June 1936Ashton, Lancashire, England
3 years
elder brother
Robert Allonby
Birth: about 1854 37 23Hawkshead, Lancashire, England
Death: April 23, 1917France and Flanders
4 years
elder brother
Edward Allonby
Birth: about 1857 40 26Troutbeck, Westmorland, England
Death: 1907Lancashire, England
2 years
elder brother
William Allonby
Birth: January 1859 42 28Hawkshead Field, Lancashire, England
Death: March 1919Kendal, Westmorland, England
6 years
elder sister
1 year
elder brother
James Allonby
Birth: about 1865 48 34Tower, Lancashire, England
Death: April 1867Ulverston, Lancashire, England
4 years
elder brother
Henry Allonby
Birth: about 1868 51 37Ulpha, Cumberland, England
Death: March 31, 1950Peoria County, Illinois, USA
4 years
Eleanor Alonby
Birth: about 1871 54 40Torver, Lancashire, England
Death: December 1884Penrith, Cumberland, England