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Ann PriceAge: 74 years18171891

Ann Price

Anna Maria Price

Anna Maria Price
Baptism November 16, 1816 (Age )
Birth about 1817 22 25
Birth of a sisterAnna Maria Price
1819 (Age 2 years)
Baptism of a sisterAnna Maria Price
June 1, 1819 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterHarriet Price
1823 (Age 6 years)
Baptism of a sisterHarriet Price
June 18, 1823 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a brotherAndrew Price
about 1832 (Age 15 years)
MarriageJames AllenView this family
James ALLEN bch otp &ampAnn PRICE sp otp Wit: John ALLEN & Wm PRICE
January 30, 1837 (Age 20 years)
Death of a sisterHarriet Price
January 1839 (Age 22 years)
Residence 1841 (Age 24 years)
Lost Cousins 1841 (Age 24 years)

Birth of a son
James Allen
about 1850 (Age 33 years)
Relation to Head of House: Wife
1851 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a daughter
Sarah Annie Allen
1853 (Age 36 years)
Relation to Head of House: Wife
1861 (Age 44 years)
Death of a husbandJames Allen
November 18, 1866 (Age 49 years)
Burial of a husbandJames Allen
November 21, 1866 (Age 49 years)
MarriageThomas LloydView this family
Anne Allen &ampThomas Lloyd
December 1867 (Age 50 years)
Relation to Head of House: Wife
1871 (Age 54 years)
Marriage of a childEdward MorrisSarah Annie AllenView this family
October 20, 1874 (Age 57 years)
Death of a fatherJohn Price
June 1881 (Age 64 years)
Death of a motherAnn
September 1881 (Age 64 years)
Marital Status: MarriedRelationship: Wife
1881 (Age 64 years)
Lost Cousins 1881 (Age 64 years)

Marriage of a childJames AllenJane JonesView this family
about 1883 (Age 66 years)

Relationship: Wife
1891 (Age 74 years)
Death May 30, 1891 (Age 74 years)
Family with parents - View this family
John Price
Birth: No births in Clifford, but 2 in Hay and 1 in Brilley 1871 &amp1881 say Talgarth, Breconshireabout 1795Hay, Breconshire, Wales
Death: June 1881Hay, Breconshire, Wales
3 years
younger sister
5 years
younger sister
Harriet Price
Birth: 1823 28 31Clifford, Herefordshire, England
Death: age 15, Hereford &ampDoreJanuary 1839Hereford, Herefordshire
10 years
younger brother
Family with James Allen - View this family
Marriage: January 30, 1837Clifford, Herefordshire, England
14 years
4 years
Family with Thomas Lloyd - View this family
Thomas Lloyd
Birth: about 1822Gladestry, Radnorshire, Wales
Death: q4, age 84October 1906Hay, Breconshire, United Kingdom
Marriage: December 1867Hay, Breconshire, Wales

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