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Frank TysonAge: 70 years18721942

Frank Tyson
Birth 1872 33 32
Birth of a sisterEllen or Helen Tyson
about 1873 (Age 12 months)
Birth of a brotherLewis “Louie” Tyson
January 13, 1875 (Age 3 years)
Death of a brotherLewis “Louie” Tyson
March 31, 1876 (Age 4 years)

Death of a sisterMary Elizabeth Tyson
April 3, 1876 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a sisterMaria “Martha” Tyson
December 1878 (Age 6 years)
Relationship to Head: Son
1881 (Age 9 years)
Birth of a sisterHelen Tyson
December 1882 (Age 10 years)
Death of a sisterAda Jane Tyson
1886 (Age 14 years)
Death of a motherElizabeth Hawkrigg
January 1896 (Age 24 years)
Death of a fatherWilliam Tyson
June 1920 (Age 48 years)
Death of a sisterHelen Tyson
March 1926 (Age 54 years)
Death of a sisterMaria “Martha” Tyson
September 1938 (Age 66 years)
Death December 1942 (Age 70 years)
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Marriage: January 1862Kendal, Westmorland, England
2 years
elder sister
Maria Tyson
Birth: March 13, 1864 25 24High Skellgill, Ambleside, Westmorland, England
Death: July 8, 1867High Skellgill, Ambleside, Westmorland, England
2 years
elder sister
Ada Jane Tyson
Birth: April 1866 27 26Ambleside, Westmorland, England
Death: 1886Kendal, Westmorland, United Kingdom
3 years
elder brother
Walter Tyson
Birth: December 17, 1868 30 28Ambleside, Cumberland, England
Death: June 1957Westmorland South, Westmorland, England
elder brother
Alfred William Tyson
Birth: about 1868 29 28Ambleside, Westmorland, England
Death: 1945Britt, Hancock County, Iowa, USA
2 years
elder brother
21 months
elder sister
Mary Elizabeth Tyson
Birth: October 9, 1870 32 30Ambleside, Westmorland, England
Death: April 3, 1876Kendal, Westmorland, England
15 months
elder brother
2 years
Frank Tyson
Birth: 1872 33 32Ambleside, Westmorland, England
Death: December 1942Westmorland South, Westmorland, England
2 years
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
4 years
younger sister
Maria “Martha” Tyson
Birth: December 1878 40 38Ambleside, Westmorland, England
Death: September 1938Westmorland South, Westmorland, England
4 years
younger sister
Helen Tyson
Birth: December 1882 44 42Ambleside, Cumbria, England
Death: March 1926Chesterfield, England, United Kingdom