Brian Yare 1948-

Geoffrey G Newby + Edna Williams

1 child

Parents Grandparents
Geoffrey G Newby
Birth: July 6, 1930 27 29365 Longmoor Lane, Liverpool
Death: April 5, 2019Ward 21, Fazakerley Hospital, Liverpool
George Newby
Birth: January 26, 1903 23 2145 Handfield Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Death: March 13, 1973Greenacres Home, Higher Lane, Fazakerley, Liverpool
Marjory Rigby
Birth: June 9, 1901Liverpool, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Death: January 24, 1971Greenacres Home, Higher Lane, Fazakerley, Liverpool

Edna Williams
Birth: October 1, 1928Walton Hospital, Liverpool
Death: November 23, 2014Grace Lodge Nursing Home, Grace Road, Liverpool
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