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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do you use HTML rather than PDF?

Since writing this faq most of our books have been produced in PDF format. The last few titles will soon be rescanned, so there will no longer be the HTML format. If you have books in HTML format, please request the newer PDF format when you place your next order

It is a compromise between the effort involved and the result achieved. It is relatively straightforward for us to generate HTML code, including hot links between different parts of a page, a book or even a whole library. The volume of business that we anticipate does not justify the extra effort involved in generating PDF code of this complexity.
Some books are published as a series of page images rather than as fully searchable HTML. We do this where there are very many diacritical marks (accents), a large number of non-text items on each page, or a large amount of foreign (non-English language) text.

More recently, we have been producing books in PDF format. It is much easier to print from these, but they contain many fewer links.

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Question: Can I run your software from my hard drive?

For HTML books, Create a new directory on your hard drive. The name is not important, but we'll assume that you have created "Yare" on your "c:" drive. Copy the entire contents of the CD-ROM into this directory. Then create a shortcut to "c:/Yare/index.htm".
If you have more than one CD, and they are at version 2.000 or later, you can load them all into the same directory. It is important to load the CD with the highest version number last (see "register.ini" in the root directory) as this contains the list of all the books you have bought from us. Only books listed in "register.ini" are accessible. The files, "home.htm", "restart.htm" and "notavail.htm" should also be from the latest CD.

For PDF books, again create a new directory and copy the CDs or CD-images into it. The most recent CD must be loaded last, as the file, main.php, contains information for creating your personalised menu.

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Question: How can I print a page?

For HTML format, printing is very much dependent on the browser used, but in general you should use your browser's "print" button. If there are images that are too big for the printed page, use the zoom facility to reduce them in size. If this fails, or you have further questions, please contact us by e-mail. Use the 'Kheper' beetle icon at the bottom of the window to automatically send details of the book and page that you are trying to print.

For PDF format, printing is comp;etely under ontrol of your browser or reader program.

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Question: Will these CDs run on my Mac?
Answer: The CDs have been tested and run on a Mac under OS-X. The file, index.htm, in the root directory of the CD must be opened in a suitable web-browser. Earlier operating systems will require the use of third-party add-in software in order to read a CD written on a PC. If you are uncertain about the compatibility of your system, please ask - we may be able to send out a CD 'on approval'.
Customers also confirm that our CDs run successfully under Linux, again using a suitable web-browser.
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Question: I've loaded the disc but nothing happened!
Answer: Some older systems, and non-Microsoft systems do not run the CD automatically.
In this case it is necessary to browse the CD and load the file, "index.htm" in your normal web browser. Please contact us if you are still unable to run the application.
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Question: Where are the image files stored?
Answer: Using Windows Explorer, or another File Manager, examine the file structure on the CD. It should be obvious which sub-directory holds each book. In this subdirectory, there is an "images" directory with all the images for the book. Plates start at p01, text pages (for books that use page images) start with the page number. There is also a "figures" directory with the small in-line images for the text pages. Any of these images and figures may be displayed in a graphics editor and printed from there.
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Question: What are your charges for postage and packing?
Answer: We charge £6.00 (or equivalent) for normal post and packing on orders of less than £30.00. There is no charge for postage and packing on larger orders. We post by first class mail within the United Kingdom and by airmail worldwide. Delivery is typically next day within the United Kingdom, 3 to 5 days within Europe and 5 to 10 days elsewhere.
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Question: I have written a book which I would like to make available on CD. Can you help?
Answer: We believe we have the best system available for the presentation of books in digital form. We would love the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you. Please send us an e-mail using the form below.
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Question: My browser gives an error when I load the CD

The CDs generate dynamic content, such as a list of books available on them. The latest versions of some browsers and operating systems may be blocking this dynamic content. Users will need to enable their systems to allow this dynamic scripting. Please ask if you need any assistance.

We have noticed this problem only since loading Windows XP Service Pack 2 and will see if there is a good work-around.

For more information than you really want about this problem/feature, see this site.

Question: I ordered several books but have only received one CD

In order to keep our production costs, and therefore our prices, low, we normally package several books onto each CD. We recognise that this may not be appropriate for all our customers, and are happy to package each book on a single CD at an extra charge of £2.00 per book. Please request this Service with your order, and allow extra time for delivery.

If you have a question about Yare Egyptology products, or would like to suggest other works for us to digitise, please complete the details on the form below and send it to us.


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